Nowadays, there are so many women wear the some bras and bottoms every day for several days. And to a same bra, they even can wear too many years without using a new one to change it. Most women even think it is a normal thing because of their lazy habits or their outdated views. They pay little attention to the personal hygiene as well as not concern themselves with the conditions of lingerie. How terrible and gross is it, this is a matter of hygiene, abnormal behavior. We need to wash the lingerie in time.

Lingerie hygiene is a serious issue. I know some women’s lingerie-washing schedules. The answers ranged from “daily”, “weekly” to “when my white bras and bottoms look black and can walk themselves to the washing machine.” According to unofficial statistics, just only a few person wash their lingerie every day. Some person wash their bras twice a week in the spring and summer, and once every one to two weeks during the fall and winter. Meanwhile, there are also some funny women coming up with a good solution. They buy several favorite “everyday” bras so that they can rotate them during the course of the week, and in this way each bra gets worn once every 2-3 or more days. So the average was a weekly laundering for some women.

As we know, every day our body has the metabolism of tissues and cells, we eliminate some liquor, sweat, toxins from our skins. So the bras or other lingerie as the intimate partners of our skin will also be dirtied and polluted by filth. These dirty not only can decompose the fibers, but also can rust the lingerie, and even result in a lingering “sour” smell that can not go away. So in order to protect our health and avoid the damage of our lingerie, we should get rid of the lazy habit, the dated views, washing our lingerie every day. As bras has its own lifetime, we should not wear the same bra more than one day in a row, they need time to air out as well as regain their original shape so as not to lose elasticity.

Another thing you need pay attention to is the  common sense of washing for lingerie maintenance. Using the special lingerie cleanser to wash your bras or other lingerie by hand is the best way than washing machine. If you do use a washing machine, you ’d better use a lingerie wash bag to help them last and use longer, and never machine-drying your bras.