The lingerie industry can be cruel sometimes like the fashion industry. Being in the corporate business world, you have to competitive, awareness about other lingerie stores and it can make you stressed and exhausted just as all other business does. But these are the pay offs for the staircase of success that you will achieve. The consumers and their demands are growing day by day and so do the categories and styles of lingerie.

Here are six points that you should keep in your mind before starting the cheap lingerie wholesale business.

  • Define and focus your target consumers:

You should have an eagle’s eye for the prospect customers and also their needs. Their age, income, location and taste will help you to deliver the best product they need.


  • Predict the capital for your wholesale business:

You should calculate the approximate amount of capital that you will need for building up the financial start-up, registration of the venture, purchasing products, designing the website beforehand


  • .Don’t be scared to charge more:

In order to agree with the customers and sell cheap sexy lingerie, don’t marginalize the profit you are going to make from this business. Provide them seasonal offers but don’t forget to make huge profit.


  • Social Media is your well-wisher:

Social media will help you to make your company visible among your known and dear ones and who can again spread the news of your new venture. This will attract more and more customers. You can also give photos and details of your site in social media so that future customers can contact you easily.


  • Lend your ear to customers:

You should listen to the advices and feedback that you get about your business. This will help you make necessary improvements in your business. But you should also able to recognise who is a loyal customer and who is a troublemaker. This will save your time.