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  • US$ 14.75


    Carmen S.

    I love my dress!! It's exactly like the picture. I received tons of compliments this dress is sexy and classy. Good quality for the price. I also received it on time!
    Service: Thansk for review.:) Appreciate if you could upload a photo. We will show to every customer! You are amazing!
  • US$ 3.55 US$3.94


    Dr. Vincenza l. De Camillis

    Love, love, love them. So very cool. Just my style. Just can't say much more...they are the bomb. Thank you
  • US$ 3.55 US$3.94



    i wish i had these back in the mid 90's when i was punk rockin' nyc les! we couldnt have cut what we had to work with as well as these turned out. get these, you will love them. i want more to have for backups!!
  • US$ 3.55 US$3.94



    Somewhat small, I'm 5'6 and 135 but still a good product!! Also very comfy, stretchier than I thought as well!
  • US$ 3.55 US$3.94


    Kayla Melton

    These pants are so cute and they fit great. I'm a size 7, im 5'4 and weigh around 130 and they fit perfect!
  • US$ 3.55 US$3.94


    J. Gonsalves

    Nothing special but still cute. The slits are nice. The fabric is thin, more like tights than leggings. But the material is very soft and comfortable to wear. Size wasn't an issue. I'm a size 3 in pants and there was plenty of give. I honestly would've preferred them a little tighter though.
  • US$ 3.55 US$3.94



    First of all, they look nothing like the picture. They literally look like I bought a pair of super cheap leggings and stabbed a few holes in them with scissors. They aren't nice looking tears, they are just holes. Secondly, the length of them is extremely short. I'm 5'5 and extremely thin, so I usually expect them to be a little short on me, but they fit my friends 7 year old daughter. I'm extremely disappointed. The only reason I even gave 2 stars was because I received them 3 weeks earlier than the expected delivery date.
  • US$ 3.55 US$3.94


    Heather Chisholm

    These pants are super cute but, if you have any pudge on your legs they won't fit. Very small and definitely not one size fits most
  • US$ 3.55 US$3.94



    Before I purchased this item I read the reviews and a lot of people complained about the size of the leggings, but I ignored that and got them anyways because I'm a size 0. I'm so glad I did they look amazing, just like the picture
  • US$ 3.55 US$3.94


    Kayla Pivaronas

    i was super excited when i got these leggings!!! their sooooooo cute!!! except when i got them and tried them on, they were SUPER tight but HUGE on the crotch area. if i do wear them i have to pull them all the way up to like my boob line!!!! and it gives me a camel toe. now i am a really skinny girl! super fashionable but so not worth the purchase.
  • US$ 3.55 US$3.94



    one size does not fit most... i was very dissapointed i had to give them away. And im not very heavy set.
  • US$ 3.55 US$3.94


    julie dang

    I was happy to receive the package (it was a gift). The leggings looked really nice and the fabric was good. But my main concern was the size. I could almost BARELY fit into it. I knew if I washed it, the fabric would have shrunken even more. So if you can wear 00-0 in jeans or a XS-S, it would probably fit you better.
  • US$ 3.55 US$3.94



    Although i do like the leggings, they don't look exactly like they do in the picture. On the left leg (in the picture) the holes are lower down i think then they are on my legs. Other then that, there still good to ware.
  • US$ 3.55 US$3.94



    The product was exactly what i wanted however, it was way to small, and it didn't stretch at all which mad it literally impossibel for any one to fit in them unless they were a size 00, but i returned them and was given my money back so it was ok
  • US$ 3.55 US$3.94



    Nice pair of tights and would have been a good look for my daughter if she were a skeleton. Unfortunately, she is normally a size 5 to 7 and there was no way these tights would fit. Other than that I have no complaints with the transaction.
  • US$ 3.55 US$3.94



    I was so excited for these leggings and couldnt wait for them to get here and when they finally did i went to try them on and they were way too small, it says one size fits all but if you have even a little meat on your bones then it wont fit you..... I strongly suggest that anyone who is even slightly bigger in size to NOT buy these cause they won't fit but if you are small in size then it would be a great buy cause the leggings are pretty cool but they are NOT one size fits all
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